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About Us


Mec.Line is a leading company in Italy for the production of frames and folding mechanisms for sofa beds. Over sixty years of history, we have always maintained a company policy that constantly works towards innovation, and thanks to this we can now boast a number of invention patents in Italy and worldwide.

Mec.Line’s history is over half a century long, and it all started thanks to the intuition of its founder Filippo Baldassarra, who, with great passion and initiative, opened one of the first artisan workshops in Italy for the production of frames and mechanisms for sofa beds. This was in 1959 in Altamura, a town in Apulia that has always been at the heart of Italy’s furniture industry, along with other Apulian towns.

Today, Mec.Line’s leader is Dionisio Baldassarra, who, supported by his two children, Maria and Filippo, has decided to carry on the family tradition and look to new challenges.

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Who we want to be


To be a leader in supplying the furniture sector, offering simple, innovative, unique mechanisms and guaranteeing high professional and quality standards in our products and services.


New technologies


Mec.Line is a synthesis of high quality and constant innovation, while always preserving artisan control over product quality as our guiding principle.

Indeed, the research and development division, thanks to the commitment of our mechanical engineers, is always able to propose new solutions.

In recent years, the real development has been the creation of various products that have allowed Mec.Line to break into the home automation sector, and become the only producer of living room mechanics able to position itself in this top-class segment.

These are automatic electric mechanisms, each of which incorporates innovations and makes life easier for the final customer at any age: young people are curious about the high technology and its use in home automation, and older people have access to greater comfort, for example when opening and closing the sofa (Smartbed) or a bed (electric Easybed), simply using a remote control.

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